Saturday, May 31, 2014

First Video Biomechanics Lesson

I choose to do the 45 minute phone option on reviewing my biomechanics video and I was so pleased because I was able to take notes, which gave me a ton of information to review after the fact.  The instructor I am using, EP, is well versed in Mary Wanless techniques and has trained with some other well known "conventional" dressage types.  We started off with a general overview and the gist was very complimentary.  Horse going from back to front, swinging tail, and a content pony.  Rider in basic alignment, nice posting mechanism, very good sitting trot, pleasant and harmonious at training level.

I felt flattered, but then we got down to business about moving from training level to first level and the changes in balance and collection that will need to happen.  EP basically said that Jet lacks "tone" and "stuffing" and that is because I don't have the bear down quite right and I am "leaky" so the energy I am creating just fizzles out and he tools around relaxed but not carrying himself as much as he could.  Also, I come slightly "unplugged" at times, especially at the canter and that also contributes to the lack of "tone", otherwise known as looking like a real dressage horse.  EP had several recommendations that hit home with me including, think of bear down as bear out all the way around the torso, engaging my latissimus dorsi, sitting slightly on the back of my seat triangle, and bouncing through the trot/walk/trot transitions.  This is the cliff notes version, since I have 2+ pages of notes, but if you are familiar with Mary Wanless techniques some of these will sound pretty familiar.

So, I saw the same things the instructor saw, I have been stuck at this level for basically 20 years, and I was all fired up to go out and give these things a test ride the next day.  Homework!

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