Sunday, June 1, 2014

Compare and Contrast

First off, I apologize for the poor(er) video quality on the last three uploads.  The half shadow half sun makes for a little more difficult viewing, but I shared the videos since I thought they got the gist across.

These videos were three rides after my video consult and to me, were a visual proof of what I was feeling as a rider.  Pony is more "toned" with much more of a dressage frame, a more engaged hind end/slightly elevated front end, much better energy and transitions.  The exact same exercises on the 20 meter circle, the only difference being my biomechanics/body position.  Amazing!

I especially like the trot to canter transition on the circle left and the leg yield right on the leg yield as tastes of really good work to come.  Obviously we both need to gain strength(I could hear Jet grunting through the leg yields) and polish up some things like my plug in at the canter but I feel the path we are on is good.  EP as a video consult gave me a lot of value for my dollar, and now we will work on these concepts plus some more from my notes for the next week or so.  I'm planning on working my way through the rider tests and next video consult will probably be Training Rider Test.

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