Friday, June 27, 2014


Things are progressing along in the rainy Heartland.  Jet and I are working out the kinks in the Rider Test at 1st Level with working versions of all the required movements.  We haven't quite put the test together yet, but we are closing in.  Some things are feeling great, like the lengthened trot we had today, and some things are getting done, like the canter serpentine with simple changes that are still a little inverted/stiff.  Breaking things down, so we work at Training Level on the 20 meter circle first, then asking for a few things from the 1st Level Test seems to be settling his mind and making for a much more content pony.

Also, as I've been riding these 1st Level movements I have come to the realization that it is all me.  Jet is perfectly capable physically of doing everything in the 1st Level test but only does things well when I have my biomechanics in order.  Shocking I know, but this just keeps playing out over and over, no matter what we are working on, easy or hard stuff.  When I am on top of my list of position reminders(latisimus dorsi down, bear out, seat bone pads, weight back of seat triangle) everything is pretty easy.  The problem is keeping my biomechanics tuned up as I get distracted by the movements in the test or when I start to get tired.

We're getting close though, I'm getting stronger, and Jet is such a willing guy that I'm grateful every time I ride him that I picked him up for $800.  I originally bought him for resale, but that is a story for another day...

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