Monday, June 30, 2014

Thoughts on Rider Test @1st

I will be reviewing my video of the Rider Test @ 1st with EP, the biomechanics coach, soon, but I thought I would give my own take on the test.  Overall, I was pleased, especially with Jet's willingness doing some harder figures and transitions.  He is such a good little guy.  He definitely has more oomph, most of the transitions and figures were spot on, and he is carrying himself  quite a bit more than in the Training Test.  The overall picture is not bad and the "harmony" factor is fairly high.

That said, the lengthens were just about non-existent.  Also, several times when I should have ridden forward, then half halted, I tried to bounce with my seat instead which doesn't work AND looks ugly.  Big note to self on that one.  I only caught it a few times and there is nothing wrong with a little bounce, as long as the pony is FORWARD.  Again, big note to self, FORWARD FIRST, then a half halt or a little bounce.

Anyway, it should be interesting to hear what EP has to say.  She picks up on the smallest stuff and I'm sure she will find lots to comment on this time, since the tests are getting harder and more complicated.

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