Monday, June 9, 2014

Video Analysis Rider Test at Training Level

Just finished my 30 minute video analysis with rider biomechanics instructor, EP, covering my rider test @training level and also the leg yield video.  EP was very complimentary about the rider test and said it would definitely score +70% which was so nice to hear.  Lovely, flowing test, with really nice transitions at training level with a few small things she would like to see improved.  First off, I need a little more "ping" or "tonal" quality at the posting trot in some sections of the test.  Jet looks a little flat at the trot sometimes when the quality of my post slacks off.  Second, I still come slightly unplugged sometimes during the canter and I need to remember to weight the back of my seat "triangle".  Third, I am causing Jet to swing his head at the free walk by swinging my hands and upper body.  Instead, my arms need to be like sticks pushing forward, with good tonal quality in my body, and seat bones walking to help keep up the energy.  There were a few other small things she commented on but nothing of huge import at this level.

On the leg yield video she was impressed by my improved "tonal" quality and how that was reflected by Jet's improved tonal quality.  Nothing changed but my biomechanics, same exercises to warm up and etc., but Jet had so much more "stuffing" and dressage horse carriage.  We are on the right track for first level.

So, I'm super pleased with our progress so far, especially at a very reasonable cost and convenience.  After the video consult Jet and I schooled some parts of the rider test at first level and he was super good.  There will be some challenges as the test has some harder transitions, two big leg yield, and some lengthenings at trot and canter, but I think I now have enough tools in my tool kit of biomechanics to work our way through things.  If not, EP is just a video consult away if I get well and truly stuck.  Excited to move onward and upward!

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