Friday, August 1, 2014


After a couple of weeks of vacation(me) and foot abscess(Jet) we are back on track with 8 rides in the past 10 days.  The boy is working well, and as always, obtaining or improving movements are totally dependent on my rider biomechanics.  Turn-on-the-haunches is coming along nicely and so is my improved canter seat.  The addition of CAN-a-da and the image of the backwards wheel for my seat at the canter is starting to feel more natural, and of course Jet's carriage and engagement improves markedly when I get it right.  Shoulder-in is also feeling good, and when I remember to half-halt a couple of times before starting the shoulder-in, Jet's engagement and self carriage are great.  The trot lengthens are still hit and miss.  About every fourth time it feels right, but I'm not sure what I am doing differently to get the good response.  More thought and investigation needed on this one I think.  So, overall, progress is being made, pony is happy and working well.  Haunches-in, walk-canter-walk, and counter-canter are up ahead, with hopefully an EP video evaluation of current work in the next couple of weeks.

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