Monday, November 3, 2014

Never Good Enough

I've been thinking about goal setting and horse training in general, as I review where Jet Set and I are now, where we started in the Spring, and whether we achieved what I wanted to achieve this riding season.

I wanted to set up a blog with videos so I had accountability, and a visual record of our progress.  Check.  I wanted to find and use a reputable online biomechanics coach using video via YouTube. Check.  I wanted to fix my rider biomechanics enough so I could ride safely outside in a snaffle at all 3 gaits.  Check.  I wanted to go through the USDF Rider Tests through 2nd Level this year.  No dice.  We made it through the 1st Level test and I think it was acceptable, but it could be better, and realistically, the 2nd Level Test will probably take all of next year to do really well.

So there we are.  I feel vaguely unsatisfied because I did not meet my goals, but really I should be happy that I was able to get so much done with the saga of the Summer abscesses and lost shoes.  What is it about us dressage riders(or quite frankly hunter/jumper, eventer, etc. riders) that makes us unable to enjoy the moment and whatever small achievement we have earned?  I like having goals, and making progress in training, but sometimes I wonder if the happiest horse people are the ones that trail ride/hack out or fox hunt.

Maybe I am going to have to make one of 2015's goals to enjoy the moment, and feel lucky to have a fun little horse, that is always happy to see me, and always happy to go to work.  It might be my hardest goal of the year!

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