Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Winter is Truly Over

This Winter has seemed endless. Snow storm after snow storm, followed by frigid weather, with too many overcast days.  As I trudged out to the barn in gazillion layers to feed, clean stalls, and ride, I did my usual February mental gymnastics about having horses at home in the Midwest.  I did manage to ride 2-3 times per week all Winter though, and felt like with the help of the concepts in 2 Spines Align we were making significant progress.  I have a really small indoor ring though, and I felt as if the balance and connection/collection were much better but I have been waiting to ride in the full dressage court for proof that the work is truly different.

Today was d-day.  The first full dressage ride in the outdoor grass dressage ring.  As I was riding down centerline after warming up, I was struck by the thought that this horse has NEVER felt this balanced, with his feet underneath the center, and like I could direct the power any direction.  More details to follow of what I think has made the difference, but I have to say today was one of those rides that makes all the work worth it.  Bliss.

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