Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Charlotte Dujardin Visits India for The Brooke

I follow Charlotte Dujardin's Facebook page because I so admire her classical training methods, more natural horse care, and competitive success.  Plus, she just seems like a fun person with a sparkling personality.  Recently, Charlotte became an ambassador for a The Brooke, a charity that supports better care and husbandry for working equids in some of the most poverty stricken places in the world.  Things like access to water, food, basic vet care, and better work practices.  One of The Brook's catch phrases is to the effect that they want to help the 100 million equids supporting 600 million terribly poor people.  Think about those numbers and the kind of lives those equids live.

In October Charlotte undertook a trip to India to see the work The Brooke does and the living conditions of the animals and people.  As she has shared many posts about the trip I have been struck by the fact that I admire her even more for her willingness to not only lend her name to this worthwhile charity, but also put herself in some really sad and uncomfortable places to bring attention to the plight of working animals.  You can tell from the tone of her posts that she finds the whole trip somewhat difficult but ultimately worthwhile, because of the change being effected by The Brooke's many wonderful programs.  I really admire her as an athlete, but maybe even more as a person.  Check out Charlotte's FB page or go take a look at the worthy charitable work The Brooke does.

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