Monday, February 8, 2016

Rider Mistakes

I've made many mistakes in my 35+ year riding career.  Buying the wrong horse.  Not selling said horse.  Riding with the wrong trainer. Not leaving said trainer soon enough.  Using incorrect training methods.  Blaming the horse instead of my own biomechanics when things went wonky.  Asking for too much when the building blocks were not yet in place.  

The list is long, but every wrong turn led to more understanding and a deeper knowledge of training methods and equine behavior.  Most of my mistakes were truly a lack of understanding.  As time has gone on my whole concept of riding and training has completely changed.  Whenever I run into trouble now the first place I look is to myself.  Have I over faced the horse?  Are the building blocks in place to ask for the harder step?  Are my biomechanics correct or do they need tuning?  

I now truly believe that the average, uncomplicated horse is a clear reflection of the rider/trainer's methods and biomechanics.  End sum.  Humbling isn't it?


  1. Truer words. I have so much Buck Love.

  2. Yeah, eventer79, I agree much to like about Buck and the old school natural horsemen. A lot of times I find their ways softer and more appealing than many dressage trainers.

  3. I don't know a lot about the group of cowboy trainers except for Monty Roberts (read the books and have seen in person) and Buck. I was mesmerized by the Buck documentary. In fact, that you for reminding. I should watch it again. :)

  4. Failure is essential to learning! As for Buck , <3