Sunday, March 20, 2016

The TRT Method with Tristan Tucker Through Module 2

I've just completed module 2 of 3 using Tristan Tucker's TRT Method online.  The first module covered some simple ground exercises to control the feet and to introduce the relaxed posture.  The second module covers standing still with spooky things and going between, over and under scary things.  So far I am super pleased with this program.  I can't believe how much Jet's fear and general skittishness has improved with 5-10 minutes a day over three weeks.  He really has learned if something is scary to get into the relaxed posture on his own. From a pony that was fearful of everything but tried to be obedient, to a pony who knows how to calm himself through the relaxing posture in three short weeks.  Pretty amazing to me and I can't wait to learn the under saddle module.  Here's a slightly blurry screen shot and a few videos of Jet doing module 2.

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