Thursday, July 28, 2016

Slowing Down

Isn't this the truth?  So many things to think about, so little time!  I am at week 6 of rehab with Jet and up to about 30 minutes of walk work per day and so far, so good.  About 10 minutes of that time is spent on basic walk work using the Dressage Naturally techniques and the rest field/trail riding on a loose rein.  I have been astounded that only being able to walk has really  made me much more conscious of the QUALITY of the walk work, the relaxation, alignment, and balance.  Not happy that we are in the middle of rehab but feeling like I am actually improving the basic quality of the work.  Also, by using the TRT Method techniques I now have a horse that trail/field rides on a loose rein.  At a relaxed walk.  In the bugs by the woods.  On 6+ weeks of stall rest with just walking.  Never thought I would say that about this horse.


  1. Okay, I would LOVE to have a loose-rein trail ride. It is so shitty you have to be going through rehab with Jet, but it is true - a lot of quality work can and should be done in walk.

  2. Yeah, I'm not really a silver lining kind of gal but this spell of walk work has really given me an opportunity to fix some things. Hoping to continue the trend as we start light trotting...