Monday, October 3, 2016

Davis Boot FTW

So, when your lame, but pretty sound looking after some vet intervention, horse comes out of his stall three legged, what can you do but cry a little and call the vet yet again.  Of course Jet has developed an abscess right as I was able to start putting him back into light work and when the weather is fabulous.  Sigh...

On the bright side, we have been down this path repeatedly.  The treatment is pretty basic and helped tremendously by use of the Davis boot.  This thing is just about indestructible, keeps the foot clean and dry, and makes for a ton less hassle wrapping/duct taping.  I love it, and I love my husband for buying it from TSC. Small mercies folks.  Small mercies.


  1. :( I had the vet out because I panicked and didn't immediately think it'd be an abscess with my mare today hahahaha

    But I'm now looking up the places I can buy one of those boots (and have it shipped immediately) because honestly my mare is a massive pain to wrap

    1. Buy the boot Kathryn and get it express shipped, it is totally worth it!