Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Sunshine and 70 in February


True that, especially this winter.  It has been unusually mild with a lot more rain than snow and a couple of hideous(think under 5 degrees) cold snaps thrown in for good measure.  All of this has led to being stuck in my teeny tiny indoor(think under 20 meter circle) because of sloppy and/or slick footing.  Then this happened.


We've had a string of 60+ days with no rain.  In February.  A first for me after living in the mid-west for nearly twenty years.  I mowed my grass dressage court.  I spread most of my winter manure pile.  I basked around in a tank top.  And, most importantly, I rode outside for the first time in months. I thought it might go something like this.


But I was wrong.  Basically, Jet was foot perfect for all three rides.  Relaxed, but with enough energy, balanced and aligned, a dreamboat.  We practiced a couple of simple dressage tests and they were quite obedient and good.  We even walked around the full property on a loose rein in a snaffle after every ride and he was quiet.  I know cooler weather is headed our way, but it was so nice to have confirmation that the TRT Method principles and the Dressage Naturally work in a small area carry over into the outside work.  And I got some much needed vitamin D!  Bliss, and something to tide me over for what is probably coming soon.



  1. We are having the same crazy weather. We had so much snow aerly on and now all of that is melting fast!

    1. Luckily we don't have snow that needs to melt, but unfortunately there is a ten day forecast with a lot of rain, so riding outside will be a temporary thing. Sadly.