Friday, April 21, 2017

Equestrian Bucket List


Susan, over at Saddle Seeks Horse just did a great post about equestrian bucket lists.  I have always had a wish list percolating in the back of my head but have never really written it down or made it explicit.  I am such a goal driven person that I tend to focus on things I can do in the here and now, so bucket list items seem more like dreams instead of goals.  


Putting aside definite goals and going more into the realm of dreams and one day, with enough money and time, maybe, here is my list:

* Attend a world Equestrian Games see here(actually possible ??? with the games in Tryon in 2018)
* Spectate the Cross Country at Badminton see here
* Go for the whole show at Aachen see here
* See the equestrian events at the Olympics
* A dressage riding holiday in Either Portugal or Italy(this one has already been mentioned to the husband as a landmark birthday gift)
* combined biking(husband) riding(me) holiday in France hitting the vineyards and old Roman roads
* Train a horse to do all the Grand Prix Movements myself
* train a horse to go in a neckrope only doing a lot of the dressage movements
* Buy a fancy purpose bred dressage horse and ride it well(the ride it well is the kicker here!)
* Go fox hunting with the local hunt
* learn to ride sidesaddle 


As I started thinking about my equestrian bucket list I realized I have already been truly lucky to do some pretty amazing things:

* learned a style of training(Dressage Naturally and the TRT Method) that makes me and my horses happy to see each other and always making positive progress
* had my horses at my own cute little farm for over 20 years
* bred two foals and watched them grow
* got to spectate for Rolex cross country day and see William Fox-Pitt, Mary King, and Mark Todd up close and personal
* kept my old show horse in Comfortable retirement(she is 27 this year and still a complete pia)
* had ponies in my backyard for my kids and turned out both kids as kind riders
* Evented my old show horse(when she was young) and won an unaffiliated event at starter/novice
* Showed my old show horse through 2nd Level dressage
* trained my old show horse to do pretty advanced liberty work in a large arena
* cliniced with an Olympian-Kevin Freeman
* Jumped a 5' fence
* won a couple of circuit championships at 3' hunters at a local(Bend OR)schooling show series
* rode as a working student for an A hunter trainer and rode some very high $ horses
* took lessons on a retired PSG horse who was also a top six finisher at the 1978 Eventing Worlds in Lexington
* Rode said PSG horse in a neck rope only, doing correct two tempi's(one of the most amazing things of my life!)
* had many mountain/back country day rides in Oregon
* Ridden on the beach on the Oregon coast
* shown saddleseat on the A Morgan circuit including regionals 
* shown singles driving on the Morgan circuit
* helped start many babies under saddle and in harness on the Morgan farm
* worked as a show groom for an A barn
* spent large portions of my childhood on the back of a pony trail riding in the boonies with my childhood BFF

Looking at that list how could I ever complain about the things I might not get to do?  What is on your equestrian bucket list and why?


  1. Oh my gosh! You showed in driving!? That is so cool. Thanks for sharing your ideas too. This is really fun. :)And when you find the perfect horse/bike trip, let me know. My hubby is crazy for mtn biking.

  2. Actually, the driving in a ring with tons of other horses was one of the scarier things I have ever done! I saw the biking/riding trip years ago and am still trying to find it again. Will let you know if I ever do. Thanks for the fun topic!

  3. Wow! You're done list is incredible! On reflecting on this I really haven't set any big goals outside of my own riding for the coming year. I think I need to start dreaming bigger maybe? Great things might not ever happen without a plan!

    1. Yeah, when I was thinking about what I have done versus what I haven't, I started remembering all sorts of cool stuff. Susan's post really got me thinking and made me a bit more grateful for the things I have had the opportunity to experience. Looking at other people's lists now for more cool "to do" ideas.

  4. Hey, really love this post, and it sure does make you take stock of what you have achieved and what excitement lies ahead! For the riding/cycling trail if it doesn't have to be Europe try the South Island of New Zealand, amazing cycle trail and then you can trek the great divide 12 days of riding through middle earth quite spectacular. I've just started the TRT method, it combines a few things I have used very successfully. Can't wait to put it into practise. NZ

    1. NZ is definitely on my travel bucket list but I never thought of it for the riding/cycling trip. Awesome tip, thank you! Good luck with the TRT Method-I am a huge fan!

    2. Take a look at these. A friend has done the trek and it was amazing I was going to do it this year they only do it late October/ early November but my kids are still a bit young, you stay in shepherds huts so it is fairly basic. The cycle trail is also on my bucket list but lots of friends have done that too and it is great, you can go basic or luxury:). Abel Tasman park is the other stunning place to include if you are up for walking or kayaking. Good luck!

    3. Oh, thanks so much for these! I have to get my kids off to college, first but these trips look wonderful!