Monday, June 25, 2018

First Dressage Show 2018

First dressage show of 2018 is in the books and it was meh.  A very nice and well organized show, but the judge's stand was a hay wagon with a canopy over the top which was not very secure.  On a cool and pretty windy day.  Backed up to a rustling corn field.  You get my drift.  Jet was sure the flapping canopy was going to escape and eat him and about four rides after our Test 1 it did fly loose and the judge and scribe were holding things down until it could be safely removed.  Pretty exciting stuff for my spooky pony.

Anyway, conditions are not always optimal and so it goes.  Jet was good in the warmup but I could never get him to relax, lengthen his frame, track up, and it showed in our scores.  We did get around though and had some 7's, but overall they were fairly scored tests that hit in the higher 50's.  Frustrating when his tests at home are at least 10 percentage points higher because he is relaxed and through the back.  We did get around though, which was an achievement under the conditions.

I have some strategies in mind for the next three weeks before our next show including buying a canopy(poor Jet), doing a ton of TRT Method ground work, and practicing test movements in places on my farm that cause a bit of tension.  Stay tuned!

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