Monday, October 8, 2018


We went to our last dressage show of 2018 and it was a success.  Jet was super, low key, willing to work in a more uphill frame, and very accepting of some wild costumes on horses and riders.  The judge is a known low scorer, so I was very pleased with our percentages.  The first test, Training Level 1, the judge's pavilion blew off the hay wagon during our test.  Not optimal for sure, but Jet scooted a few steps and soldiered on to finish the second half of the test, while several people held down the flapping roof.  Such a good boy!  Our second test, Training 2, was our best test of the year, I think.  More uphill in balance, accurate, and flowy.  We also beat the high score leader for the year end Training awards for the first time.  Woohoo!  A great show and a fun way to end the season.  A little break ahead and then time to start thinking about how to be successful at First Level next year.

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