Sunday, November 6, 2016

Finally, an Uphill Canter

This canter.  I know, two point in a dressage saddle, sigh, but ignore me and look at Jet.  Do you know how long it has taken me to get an uphill canter on this horse?  Thrilled doesn't touch it.  Someday I will learn to sit up consistently.  Really.  But look at that engagement.

In the last phase of the stride, so the neck is a little short but overall, nicely packaged.  I actually look like a dressage rider-woohoo!

Bent haunches, straight neck, shoulders getting ready to lift right up.  And see, I can almost sit up!

Ring of muscles working correctly, though maybe a little short in the neck.

Love that in all of these pictures he looks ready for liftoff.  Now I just need to ride the liftoff confidently.

My conclusion after looking at these photos, is that I need to learn to sit up more consistently and ride this bigger more engaged canter.  That said, this is a great problem to have after years of on the forehand tooling around slightly out of balance.  It still amazes me that getting him straighter at the walk and trot led to a vastly improved canter without actually working much on the canter.  This was his first time cantering more than a few steps in a couple of weeks.  Also, notice no break in the neck or behind the vertical action going on, which is a HUGE deal for this horse to overcome.  Excited to play with this new canter.