Tuesday, November 8, 2016

A Little Shoulder-In for the Win

I've struggled with understanding how to properly execute the shoulder-in for ages and also with how the shoulder-in biomechanically improves the gaits and straightness.  Now that Dressage Naturally has cleared these things up for me and also given me a base of straightness and speed control with my seat only, the shoulder-in is going MUCH better with Jet.

In this photo of shoulder-in right I really like Jet's lowered inside right hip with the extra engagement and step under that brings.  I also like how he is reaching around with his left shoulder and bending behind the shoulder instead of doing a neck-in.  I would like to see a little more stretch out with his neck, but I love how his shoulders are lifted, his haunches are bent, and he is in front of the vertical.

In this photo his neck might be a little short but I love those "listening" ears and how his shoulders are up.

Love the harmony and engagement and look at my Quarterhorse going in an uphill frame!  

I would like to see my inside leg more at the girth in all of these pictures. Jet could stand to have a bit more energy as well, but this is a great starting place while he is finding his balance in the beginning lateral work.  Uphill, haunches lowered, shoulders lifted, and correct bend in the neck-woohoo!

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