Tuesday, November 17, 2020

The Feeling of Correct Contact

Dressage Today

This has been floating around Facebook the past couple of days courtesy of Dressage Today.  Doesn’t it encapsulate that feeling of the correct contact?  Love the many images that Dressage Today uses to convey biomechanics.


  1. They need one more image of a large fish and a bent rod as also being incorrect. :)

  2. It's funny how sometimes it takes an image or idea of something totally "out of the box" or has nothing to do with riding to give us that "A-HA!" moment and now the concept makes perfect sense. I had to do this at work- come up with a way of explaining why and how parts fit or didn't, to customers over the phone all across the country. It was as simple as having them picture things in their mind they were familiar with but actually had zero relationship to the physical parts.

    1. I find images really helpful in learning (or re-learning) riding concepts. Makes sense it would be super useful in other situations as well.