Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Meet MacTavish

We had to put our sweet elderly beagle to sleep a couple of months ago.  The first time we have been without a dog in 25+ years.  My husband(the shopper) has been cruising online for dogs for about 6 weeks.  This 6-12 month old guy showed up at our county animal shelter and had been found by a rural highway.  So far he is the sweetest, smartest little man.  Housebroken, sleeps quietly overnight in the crate, ok with horses and cats, and is figuring out the invisible fence.  He definitely has some separation anxiety, especially when left in the crate alone in the house, but we are working on that.  He is so quick to pick up commands and really going to be fun to train.  I think we got lucky and got a good one.  Plus that face!