Monday, April 11, 2022

Master Class with Celeste Leilani Lazaris 1

I bit the bullet a week or so ago and joined Celeste’s Master Class on Facebook HERE.  Description below.  The sign up was easy and I had access to the FB group within a few hours.  

Celeste is very clear that all her work is trademarked, so I won’t be going into any details of the course, just my impressions of the content and value for the dollar.  The FB group is a bunch of people who have purchased the Master Class posting questions, pictures, and videos of progress.  The Master Class itself is taught through the Guides in the group and has three main videos of live recordings with Celeste.  The Guides also include lots of supporting diagrams, pictures, and some videos from other people.  The first of the three videos by Celeste is pretty informal with some technical difficulties and lots of questions from the live comments.  The next two videos are much more streamlined and expand on the content of her methodology.  She is a good communicator and takes technical information and breaks it down really well.  It is not a super structured course but the content is easily digestible.

So, the big question, was it worth the $150?  Absolutely.  Even though it is informal, and sort of a taster for her Balance Through Movement Method, I now understand why I’ve always struggled to get Jet off his forehand.  I now know why he has always been so reactive.  By gaining more knowledge about the thoracic sling, nerve impingements, and spinal integrity I understand so much more about correct equine biomechanics.  The step by step of the Three Pillars is not always easy to do but it is pretty simple.  Everything is gentle and considerate of the horse.  

I’ll do an update in a month or so with a progress report, but my first impressions are super positive.



  1. Not on FB so not likely to be joining any time soon, but it sounds interesting and seems you're getting a lot of good info to build on. That's always a Win! IMO

    1. It's been very educational and I really like the feature of other people posting pictures, questions, and success stories. So far the program really suits both my boys!