Saturday, January 2, 2021

Here’s Looking at You 2021

Totally irrelevant picture, but this is everything I am striving for in 2021.  Effortless harmony, lightness, and ease.  All off the seat.  No problem, right?

Anyway, looking over my resolutions and goals for 2020 and taking into consideration the whole pandemic thing, we did ok.  I didn’t have hard targets just a global goal of small changes that make a big difference.  I blogged yesterday about my online riding diary which was a big hit and had a few other non-horsie successes like walking more with my husband, doing more fun things together(challenging in a pandemic), cooking a Sunday dinner that is something new to us every week, and things like that.  On the horse front we did not make it to any shows like I was targeting but made a HUGE leap in our correct working and collected gaits(thank you Pivo!).  I bought my next horse, a purpose bred dressage horse, which was a big leap for me as I am a tightwad.  I rode, I Pivoed, I cried, and I did it again until I figured out how to sit up.  I learned how to half-halt and get a stretch within the working gaits.  And everything good learning wise came from that sequence.  Actually, looking back, not showing was probably really beneficial because I was not thinking about polishing for shows, just about fixing our posture.

So, a weird year, but for me riding wise and personally, making the most of what was available.  For 2021 I think I am going to keep my small changes that make a big difference mantra.  Some of my small changes include cutting out snacks(the horror!) by not buying them, adding new prompts to my online riding diary, watching a horse training video every day(adding back in the TRT Method as they have a starting a young horse module now), and continuing on with some of the good habits I have picked up with these New Year’s resolutions.  Things like doing yoga and either riding or working out EVERY DAMN DAY, volunteering when I can do so, and seeking out opportunities that challenge me a little(here’s looking at you Cruiser).  I’d like to show Jet this summer, but again his soundness and the pandemic will have a big say.  I would also like to get the Cruiser really going under saddle, get him off the property a few times, and start the process of turning him into reliable transportation.

So that’s me.  What about you?  Are you making resolutions or is the uncertainty of the pandemic making it too difficult?  I’m curious to hear your thoughts.


  1. Well done in 2020! I feel like a lot of my 2021 goals are similar to yours - bringing the young horse along, learning as much as I can, and generally staying active and involved.

  2. "Things like doing yoga and either riding or working out EVERY DAMN DAY,..."

    Amen! I got up early this morning and did a lot of long deep stretches. While doing it I thought about working out- be it yoga, weight training, riding my bike or at least stretching every day. When I was at the store getting a new notebook for a riding/ driving journal, I bought 2 so I can use one as a fitness journal. That way there is some level of self imposed accountability. Having a bunch of blank pages to write something on- I either did it or I didn't. On the cover of my notebooks says- You've Totally Got This! How fun is that?