Thursday, March 18, 2021


We’re having a rainy and windy day here after several lovely 60+ days.  The trials and tribulations of spring but I will take it!  So nice to be able to ride Jet and school Cruz outside, even if it is only some of the time.  Add to that the fact that hubby and I had our fist Pfizer shot last week and life is looking good.

Dressage Today posted this image on FB the other day and I thought it was right on the money about the balance change needed for collection.  Imagine the pipe level with the water an even line.  Then the rider shifts the horse onto the haunches by sinking the tailbone down and lifting the stomach.  The rider and horse get taller and narrower and the pipe tips with the water shifting to the back.  Collection!  What a great visual!

Any images you are using to help your riding or training lately?


  1. Not so much of using pictures but being more of a visual learner here- I work mine in the long lines to ingrain in their brain how they should be moving because I can see it. Then hope to feel the difference once I get on. Not always an easy thing to manage.