Wednesday, September 15, 2021

Some Late Summer Updates

As seen above Cruise is coming along nicely.  He is working under saddle on various places on my farm, doing poles, circles, turn on the forehand and leg yields at the walk and generally being a great boy.  Target training is working so well to get him in a relaxed state about new things and places.  We have a nice straight line trot and the next thing is adding in a big(think 30-40 meter) half circle at the end to trot AND circle.  He has such a big trot even just tootling around that he struggles  balancing on a smaller circle.  I also have trouble staying with him AND sitting up.  After using the Pivo with him for the first time yesterday I realized I need to get my pelvis more in neutral and use a ton more core.  But if this is his F around trot with me laying on his front end-WOW!

Jet is sound and being ridden three days a week, with a mix of working gaits and a touch of collectibility, but only for a few steps at a time.  I’ve been playing with some ideas from Connection Training that use Philippe Karl methodology and that has been super enlightening about getting the horse off the forehand.  Jet also love the target training and it has been helpful with tension.  I think I’ll do a post about the online riding course of Connection Training and give you my thoughts soon.

In super good news I have a contractor for my sand outdoor arena and a build date sometime in October or November.  The price is fairly reasonable and I’m also hoping to make all weather runs from each horse’s stall since the equipment will be here anyway.  I’m also planning  to get Cruise out on a couple of field trips this fall to a local horse park.  Hopefully pretty low key, trailer out, do a little groundwork and a lot of targeting, make it a positive experience and head home.  Fall is going to be busy with good things!


  1. He looks Great! So excited for your new arena and the stall runs. I'm sure the horses will love the extra room and option to be in or out weather permitting of course.

    1. Thank you! I'm excited as well and fingers crossed the weather holds until the contractor can get to us.