Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Somebody is Trouble on the Hoof

This is what happens when the other horses are brought in and baby horse is left out for more grazing time.  

You can’t really see in the second picture that he knocked everything of the shelf, went right for the treat tin, and had eaten most of them before I saw him through my kitchen window.  He is a character, totally extroverted and sure he belongs anywhere he wants to go.

His under saddle training is going nicely about 3x per week.  Halt, TOF, leg yields, poles, serpentines are all installed at the walk and he is doing my whole large front field by the busy road.  Straightness on a large circle is getting better and the trot for a circle or two is becoming a thing.  The gymnastic groundwork course from Connection Training is helping a ton with his balance and getting him off his right shoulder.

In exciting news I have an indoor arena to haul out to about 20 minutes from my farm on Saturdays.  We’ve been once and it is perfectly footed, insulated, and filled with all sorts of fun stuff as it is used for therapeutic riding program.  He settled within five minutes the first time we hauled over last week, but I still stuck with ground work.  I’m planning on taking him every week until the weather interferes and I think he will be ready to ride there in the next couple of haul outs.  Small steps towards the goal of showing Intro next year!