Tuesday, November 9, 2021

OMG Cookies

Lots of cookie eating going on around here.  I’m really liking the Connection Training Club online videos.  The many uses of clicker and target training and subtleties of withholding the click have been a revelation to me.  There is a lot of very detailed scientific background on equine learning and behavior for a reasonable monthly price and I will do a full review of the CT Club soon.

I’m still waiting to see if my outdoor ring will be installed this fall or next spring.  All depends on weather and the client backlist, so keep your fingers crossed for me.  In the meantime I am still able to ride both boys outside as the weather has been mild.  I’ve been hauling Cruise out once a week to an indoor doing some basic ground training and walk/trot under saddle.  He has been super so far, and it is the perfect environment for a green horse.  Totally enclosed, tons of poles, cones, noodles, and barrels to bring out, mirrors, and rubber footing.  Hopefully, we can make it over there most weeks this winter.  Weather will tell!

I’ve also been mildly consumed with the Dave Thind Method 60 days to a Better Dressage Seat program.  It is unlike anything I have ever done to improve my riding.  Low effort, gentle and mild, but has made huge changes to my body awareness, symmetry, and riding seat.  I now have a square halt on both horse.  An effective half-halt. Effortless shoulder-in both ways on Jet.  And I am in the process of sort out sitting up so my hips lead and I can be a more effective rider.  A review on the DTM is coming when I finish my 60 days, but the skinny is I love it and it was so worth the $’s.

What fun stuff have you been working on this fall?


  1. Cookies definitely improve all things horse. I'm finding they improve me too! Lol

    Interested in hearing about the DTM. Had a bit of success with the target training over the weekend. Thanks for sharing things!

    1. The target training is really fun. I'm going to post about DTM and Connection Training Club soon, I just need to finish the coursework completely before I do a review. Glad you are enjoying the things I'm finding!

    2. I rode Mazy in the arena at the new barn and the first time around she spotted something scary over the fence so she had to side eye it hard as we walked by. The second time around I let her stop right there. Relaxed a few moments, praise and walk past it some. Stop, wait, ignore it, praise and walk on. The 3rd time around she couldn't be bothered. Change direction and she side eyed it going past on the first lap and then gave zero shits about it from then on. So presenting it as something to go towards for rewards- stop & praise- changed her ideas about it. Thank you for that!