Monday, May 16, 2022

New Trailer but No New Arena

So this happened last week.  I sold my 24 year old Sundowner 2 horse for full price to the first person who replied to my Marketplace ad.  Then my husband picked up my new trailer during a swing of a business trip.  So far I really like the features of this aluminum 2 horse slant load.  It tows like a dream, has been super easy to set up trailer brakes, hitch and etc. Loading and unloading the horses took some practice without backing down a ramp and instead turning around in the trailer to hop out, but with some clicks and treats they got it pretty quickly.  Cruise went on his first trip Saturday to EW and was a little nervous with the new set up but did great loading/unloading both ways. He did fine other than opening the grill on his window with his teeth while were on a country road! My husband looked in the side view mirror on the way home and smoothly started pulling off to the side of the road.  I said something like ‘That little f#$@er opened his grill with his teeth, didn’t he?”  Hubby thought it was pretty funny.  No harm no foul but he might need to have his screens open instead of having a grill.  We shall see!

Sadly, the news is not so good on my all weather arena.  Our spring has gone from wet and cold to 85+ but my contractor is nowhere to be found.  Not answering emails or texts.  Not good.  Last time my husband talked to him in January the contractor was all on board and now radio silence.  Going to wait a couple of weeks and make some more attempts and then start looking for someone else.  Which will put me at the back of the line. Probably into late summer.   A little disappointing but maybe the original contractor will resurface and all will be well.  Wishful thinking, but that’s what I’ve got right now!


  1. Love the new trailer! I'm in a similar spot with an arena - had hoped to at least have the base in a couple of months ago, but it's just been way too everyone has moved on to other jobs and I'm thinking I'll be lucky to have something for fall.

  2. Oh Shiny! Congrats on the new trailer. That's awesome. Hopefully the arena will happen soon too.