Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Noble Outfitters Guardsmen Fly Mask

I got these fly masks free with a couple of purchases from Dover early this spring.  I love the fit which stands out from the eyes, the double Velcro closure, and the generally indestructible nature of the fabric.  Even with the boys playing “dinosaurs” frequently, these masks still look great after a season of wear.  I think the Velcro will eventually be toast but the actual fabric has not a single hole on either mask.

I like them so much, I’m thinking about what I need for winter from Dover so as to get another couple for free with purchase.


  1. Those are interesting. I’ve never seen that type

    1. I was pleasantly surprised, especially for a gimme. The standing out from the eyes design works really well and the whole thing has held up great.

  2. Looks pretty durable. Personally I would prefer a lighter color to reflect heat instead of drawing it in, since being in Houston, but Free is always a deciding factor. Lol