Monday, November 28, 2022


Things have been a little like this since we last spoke.  After getting a forward button on Cruise, the weather dropped by 50, yes, 50 degrees and the squirrels were not on the wheel.

Though there has been lots of this too. The majority, actually.  Lots of groundwork in a blanket was involved.  Harder lunges in a quarter sheet, and a small forward circle on the lunge when any silliness was displayed.  And lots and lots of groundwork with quiet parks and light stop, go, and back emphasized.

Some of this too, where when I have played with big little at the posting trot, asked him to go forward and he steps into a canter.  It’s nice to have the recipe to get canter but we need to polish a few things up before we are cantering much  I think it needs to go on the back burner until we get forward with a bit more relaxation.

I’m pretty proud of myself for riding through some hairy stuff, keeping my thinking cap on, and finding ways to keep going and have mostly productive rides.  I’ve had a few epiphanies about my biomechanics, about using big little in walk and trot to get real forward, and extensive use of the cowboy circle as taught by SW.  Stay tuned, as I think I will do an individual post on each topic!


  1. Ah the green horse blues. :) I think you look nice and balanced while he deals with his feelings. Also, my gosh he's a handsome horse.

    1. Thank you! I know you understand the green horse thing. He has many feelings right now and the cold does not help. So it goes though. I keep telling myself horse shows in the heat of summer will be a piece of cake. Right???

  2. Nicely ridden :) Just here to say I'm sharing the pain, the squirrels are most definitely off the wheel for Sophie as well.