Monday, December 4, 2023

Monday Musing


Gospel truth right there.  Lately I’ve been following the RS Riding progression of training, with a light following contact mostly on long lines with forward and looseness, and then adding in leg yields of varying stripes.  As our leg yields have gotten better and we’ve added more large figures with my inside leg shifting Cruise’s weight slightly over to the outside of his body, it finally is clearer to me what inside leg to outside rein means,  It is that slight weight shift out accompanied by slightly taking up the outside rein, even as little as bringing it slightly closer to the neck.  The horse is then within the corridor of the rider’s aids, abducting to the outside of the circle with the front legs so developing the thoracic sling, and balanced.  Like magic.


  1. Love this feeling, I've been getting little hints of it too with Sophie, where everything feels just 'there' and balanced and easy...and then we have a wobble and start again. Nice work!