Thursday, February 15, 2024

Hello. It’s me.


So it’s been a while.  Had a fabulous family Christmas, kids both home, lovely Christmas Eve with board games, presents, and adult beverages.  Made my heart happy.  Then Mr. Exploring Dressage Biomechanics and I were off to Greece for a week.  Had the best trip, great weather, sights galore, and celebrated our 30th wedding anniversary. ❤️

After a week of ancient ruins, monuments, museums, and other wonders, the fun had to end.  With me starting to get sick on the trip back and ultimately-10 days later- being diagnosed with Covid.  I kept testing negative so was not able to get on Paxlovid and was really ill.  I was honestly out of commission for about three weeks and it was not fun.  Took me another week or so to feel mostly normal.  Lessons learned, keep testing, get on Paxlovid if at all possible, and maybe start traveling more in the “low” Covid season of late spring to early fall.  Masks only do so much when you are the only ones wearing them…

Anyhoo, after about a month off, which coincided nicely with some epically cold weather, we are back at it with a string of brisk but sunny days leading to a streak of 12 days in a row under saddle.  We have figured out the trot to canter transition (finally!), how to do diamonds as circles, 80/20 seat weight ratio, sitting to the inside of the banana, and a whole host of new concepts that I will do some posts on soon. I’ve been having fun implementing some totally new training concepts.  How’re you all holding up through the winter months and what have you been learning?


  1. Greece looks wonderful! It's been so cold and damp I've been dreaming of sunshine. My husband's family 'doesn't believe in it' and keeps bringing their 'colds' (actually covid both times) to every family gathering - I'm ready for a divorce ;)

    1. Greece was pretty fabulous. Nothing about having COVID for the first time made me want to get it again and again. I will be sticking with my low contact lifestyle and I feel for you with the family gathering with people with "colds".

    2. Like why bring a cold anyway? I don’t want anyone’s virus no matter what it is?