Thursday, September 6, 2018

Zillionaire Me

A great blog topic came up last week and I thought it would be fun to join in.  I first saw it on $900 Facebook Pony who got it from Olivia and then it popped up on various other blogs I follow like Project Gingersnap.  The idea is what would you buy if you had a million dollars or alternately, unlimited funds, since a million doesn't go very far these days.

The ideas, horses, and properties were pretty stupendous including things like farms, farms in Europe, schoolmasters, made horses to move into after the schoolmaster, trips, young well bred horses for the trainer, trainers for said farms, custom tack and on and on and on.  Some people mentioned setting up retraining/rehoming for OTTB or riding for the disabled/disadvantaged programs as well.

Some really fantastic and well thought out ideas that would be really fun to live out, but interestingly enough none made me go, "I must have this!"  I think part of it is I am a lot older than most of the bloggers I follow.  I already have a (small) farm and some disposable income to travel a bit or horseshow a little or give a little bit or some combination of the above.  Honestly, my biggest desire is to have a groundsman to take care of said farm and keep it immaculate and maybe to have a larger indoor arena.  I might buy my second horse now instead of in a couple of years.  I'd also set up a foundation to donate to worthy causes including in existence riding programs for the disabled or disadvantaged like The Ebony Horse Club.  How boring is that?

I guess it comes down to the fact that my ambitions have changed in the past few years(see above-older).  I finally realized the thing I love about horses is the connection and partnership and I don't need a fancy horse or stable or trainer to achieve that.  Don't get me wrong, if I had a zillion I would probably buy that nicer farm(with groundsman!), probably a schoolmaster or two, and find a trainer to take me (ethically!)to GP if possible, but I don't know if I really would have THAT much more fun than when Jet went down the centerline at the last show after his tests, completely relaxed, and I did it all on my own(except for the Dressage Naturally video classroom of course).  If I did have the big farm, tons of help, and many more horses, I think a lot of the personal connection would be lost, so I'm not sure I would truly want that.  There is nothing like trudging yourself out in 10 degree weather to grateful and happy horses who are bonded just to you and are always SO happy to see their feeder/groom/rider.  At least that's what I tell myself in January!

What do you think?  What would you do with your zillion?


  1. I love this! We're still contemplating selling our smaller properties to buy acreage with more room for horses, so obviously acreage made my list, but beyond that my list is a lot closer to yours than most!

    1. I know! I started thinking about blogging about this when I read your post where your wants were much closer to mine. It really makes you think when money would be no object what would truly make you happy. The funny thing is, the wealthy people I encountered while a working student in the H/J world were mostly not very nice or happy people. That made a pretty big impression on me in my 20's that you have to have enough to be comfortable, but too much can almost ruin you if you are not careful.