Wednesday, December 22, 2021

Look at that Baby Horse

This horse.  He is so green but that trot.

He’s tootling past all the bits pieces and parts that are all around the therapeutic riding center with no problem.

He’s still finding his balance as he is naturally such a big mover with a ton of suspension.  Believe or not, this is his almost breaking to a walk trot.  I’m still really working on staying with him while sitting up more.  As his rhythm gets better I think it will get easier, but I also really have to remember use my core because there is so much bounce and push coming from him in even a casual trot.

Aaaaand my favorite picture of him trying to lick the mirror as he trots by.  I just love his personality.  He’s on his way to being reliable transportation with stop, go, walk, trot, circles, figures, TOFs, mount and dismount.  Now we’re venturing into getting a bit of straightness, rhythm, and a steady contact.  He is just so much fun.


  1. Baby horses are da bomb! Lol He's really coming along nicely and I love seeing them progress. It's funny how the photos don't convey the actual speed at the moment. Trying to lick the mirror is hilsrious! You guys look great!

  2. Look how good you both look! Well done!