Saturday, January 1, 2022

Looking Back at 2021 Looking Forward to 2022

Looking back at my resolutions for 2021 HERE I did ok.  I was sticking with my theme of making small changes that make a big difference.  Things like snacking less(total failure!), using new prompts for my online riding diary(total success), and watching a horse training video every day to educate myself(90% success I’d guess).

One thing that I did also do that I never blogged about, was set some really ambitious long term goals.  After  listening to this PODCAST Goals and Confidence with Dr. Jenny Susser on the Horse Training in Harmony podcast with Karen Rohlf I was inspired.  There is a lot to this podcast (go listen!) but the big thing I took away is setting a big hairy goal if you want to make big progress.  Something totally outside your comfort zone.  Then break it down into tiny steps to get there.  I decided to make my big hairy goal getting my USDF bronze medal.  I now have a purpose bred dressage horse who moves naturally like a 9.  If, and this is the big if, I don’t F him up too badly, getting a couple of 60%’s at Third is totally possible.  If he doesn’t go lame.  If our training progresses properly.  If I put in all the mileage, money, and the time it will take by building an outdoor arena, buying a new horse trailer(mine is 20+ years old), and hauling  out from my small farm a whole lot.  I’m not at all willing to sacrifice my relationship and harmony goals to get to my big hairy goal, but within that framework, it’s my pie in the sky-if wishes came true but possible goal.  See the framework I set out last year above.  I didn’t tick off everything from 2021 and some of the later years need to be padded out, but I was surprised at how much we did get done.

On my 2022 resolutions I think I will stick with my theme of small changes that make a big difference.  Having a gratitude practice once a day(usually before I fall asleep) is one.  Thinking about connecting with the horses every time I am near them is second(this is a hard one especially, because I keep my horses at home).  Having my husband be my diet buddy is another(he was surprisingly keen on this as he also needs a little moral support to lose a few pounds-we’re only going to eat out together when we’ve hit certain targets-and we like to eat out)

So that is me.  What are your resolutions and goals for 2022?  I’d love to hear them.  Happy 2022!


  1. These are great. I like the idea of setting a big hairy goal. I have one for Carmen but I never put it to print- it’s to ride her at 4th level. There, I said it.
    Here’s to’22.

    1. What a great goal! Scary putting it in print, isn't it? Happy New Year!

  2. A big hairy goal for me this year? That would have to be taking one of the ponies to a CDE. A super Big Hairy goal for the future would be either A) competing them as a team or B) as singles and sweeping the class. Both would be amazing. There. Now it's out there and the Universe needs to help me make it happen. Lol