Tuesday, January 24, 2023

Cruiser and Jet Recommend for Winter Blahs

The Shires Ball Feeder is a Cruiser favorite.  Sturdy of build, fairly hard but not impossible to get a treat out of, this ball gets a serious workout every day.  The first time I loaded it with treats, he watched me do it, I rolled it to him, he banged it with his foot until a treat fell out, and a love affair was born.  Jet completely doesn’t get it and is uninterested.

Jet however does love a Likit.  In any flavor.  He has been known to eat one in a day.  Cruise gets a little more time out of his Likit but just as much enjoyment.  Both boys highly approve.  They also make great Himalayan salt holders.

The mostest bestest favorite of both boys is an Uncle Jimmy’s Hangin’ Ball.  Sticky, grainy, deliciousness that I save for special as it takes days to get the molasses off their faces and ears.  They both think the deliciousness is totally worth the mess though!


  1. I sometimes think of getting Quaid a toy. I figure Carmen would crack a treat ball like a walnut.

    1. The Shires Ball is pretty tough. Cruise is on his second one though😁