Thursday, March 9, 2023

Elbow Epiphanies Part II

So last we left off, I had a major epiphany about my elbows being too far in front of my body causing me to tip forward.  Through a quick clip I found by JJ Tate where she explains that the elbows need to act as seat bones, the arms need to be T. rex arms, and the seat needs to be a united unit from knees to top of head my mind was blown.  As I said in my previous post, playing with this concept was difficult but possible and I noticed big changes in my and Cruise’s posture.

Me being me, I bought a month of Team Tate Academy to explore the seat section.  There’s a lot of content there that I’ve found useful but the most relevant to me right now still revolves around my elbows.  Added to riding with my elbows by my sides are some pretty powerful postural exercises.

First I lean back as much as I can and then I draw my elbows back by my sides.  Then I open my collarbones outward and pull my shoulder blades down and together.  Right there I saw huge improvements in my balance.  Then I tried two recommended exercises at the walk.  First with the above in place, I lean back as close to a 30 degree angle for 1 2 3 and then back up to vertical a few times.  Then I pretend I have eyes in the back of my head and for the same 1 2 3 look at the horse’s bum.

Besides the basic elbow-collarbone-shoulder blade correction, I sprinkled these two exercises in my ride yesterday and WOW the balance and connection change through my seat was something else.  I feel so much more secure, Cruise is so much lighter on his feet, and he really seems to appreciate my finally being in better balance and connection.  He was smooth and mellow on a gusty windy day.  I’m excited to explore more of the TT Academy, share more relevant tips that have helped me, and will take some video when the wind dies down.  Someday.  

In an aside my Pivo blew over the last time I filmed, so I am being a bit more cautious!  Is it just me, or is there a cranking wind anytime it is a nice day in spring?


  1. I can't wait to ride and play with this information. :)
    and yes, the wind is always high on the warm spring days.