Tuesday, March 26, 2024

A Visit from the Sherrif


Monday morning I went to barn to feed  at 7.  I was a bit out of it and noticed the interior gates looked a little funny but fed the barn cats and both horses as usual.  When I went in to pick Cruise’s stall I saw that one of the double ended snaps was gone from his door latch and his blanket was on the ground.  I couldn’t believe he got it off and as I looked at it, I realized he didn’t.  The front snaps were both undone as were the rear leg straps but the belly surcingles were still fastened.  WTF?  Then I really looked at the gates and finally woke up enough to see that not only were the interior gates unfastened but so were the front barn gates.  As I walked up the driveway to see that the gates there were also not properly fastened, just jammed together, I finally got it that someone had been in my barn and in with Cruise.

So, after a frantic call to my husband, then the Sheriff, and then the vet, we have a plan.  We made an official trespassing report and found out there haven’t been any recent incidents like this in the county.  The Sheriff recommended security cameras out the wazoo and we already have 3 of 4 installed.  We are upgrading our front gate lock and both horses are getting microchipped tomorrow.  Someone also suggested doing current 4 side views of the boys just in case, which we did last night.  

I have no idea WTAF was going on with the person in the barn.  Why remove his blanket partially?  Why re-close his stall door if it was just mischief making?  Why didn’t they just steal Cruise?  I’m going with the thought they will be back and bought a quality security system that will even see into the interior of the barn.  I think I’ve made things as secure as possible but it was a really scary incident that has me a bit on edge.  I am grateful though, to still actually have both horses and that Cruise didn’t kill himself wiggling out of his blanket.  He deconstructed the blanket rather thoroughly, pulled the stuffing out, drug it to his pee spot and peed on it.  At least someone had a good night.


  1. Oh my god. That is frightening! We have a security camera that sends an alert to our phone. I sleep a lot easier because of it. I wonder if a noise startled them away. Please keep me posted.

  2. Fingers crossed for horse loving teen. I mean that still feels super invasive and wrong, but at least the motivation isn't bad. Hope everything is OK.