Friday, April 12, 2024

Warwick Schiller for the Win


I’ve really been liking this playlist as a frame work for Cruise lately.  We’ve been struggling a bit with balance and after forays into Your Riding Success, Mary Wanless, Connection Training, and Balance Through Movement Method we’ve finally struck gold.  Adding THIS Warwick Schiller playlist, specifically Stopping from a Canter parts 1-4, and Teaching the Half-Halt, to concepts from the above programs has proven to be the sweet spot.  Mix in a dash of sit to the inside of the banana with a speck of using more core, combined with tilt my pelvis back/touch the back of my neck to the collar of my shirt,  while keeping the 3 pillars in mind, has really been working for us.

The techniques in this playlist are a step by step to have a better rebalancing half halt but also to have a more present horse.  I love the way WS explains things and breaks down concepts for horses and people.  He is such a gem and everything is free.  What a deal!